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Studying Literature

by Brian Moon
Student book Year 11+

This booklet will be of enormous use to upper secondary school teachers and students as an introduction to the kind of analysis of literary texts undertaken in Years 11 and 12. It applies insights derived from contemporary literary theory and research to classroom practice in stimulating and accessible ways. Although the concepts addressed are frequently complex, the approaches taken are activity-based and encourage involvement from students.

Studying Literature aims to help students gain control over texts and to make the analysis of the construction of their own and other readings possible. A wide range of short stories and poems, accompanied by activities, is included. The texts are by writers as diverse as John Donne, Angela Carter, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Grace Nichols, Eva Johnson, Peter Cowan, Charles Dickens, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Jane Austen.

The three chapters offer a philosophy, routes and strategies for studying any text at upper school level thus providing an excellent introduction to the more formal literary studies undertaken in senior years. The first chapter, 'What is "Literature"?', explores possible answers to this and other questions through a series of thought-provoking text-based activities. Chapter two, 'Reading literary texts', explores the production of meaning through various inventive approaches to texts.

The final chapter is called 'Reading in terms of gender'. It continues to help students to read and to analyse particular practices used in the production of readings of texts in terms of gender.

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