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Making Stories

by Bronwyn Mellor and Mike Raleigh
Student book Year 8+

What are stories? Why do people tell and listen to them? Who tells them and what do they tend to be about? Are there any typical 'ingredients' in stories? In this collection of lower school folk tales and short stories students are given an opportunity to manipulate elements of stories, to read for common ingredients and to speculate about how tales told in countries far apart can share certain features.

The book starts with students' abilities as storytellers, and with the kinds of stories they are likely to be familiar with. They are then asked to look at what happens to an oral story when it gets written down, and to consider the construction of stories. Types of story and their conventions are then considered and students are shown that they know more about these things than they may have realised.

Making Stories rests on a conceptual framework which enables students to discuss stories as made and to consider the values specific readings of stories might support. Many of the inventive suggestions and activities for work are designed to encourage further reading and discussion, with a more formal writing task ending each section. Teachers have found this book a useful and enjoyable introduction for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to the kind of analysis of literary texts undertaken in later years.

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A4 92pp ISBN 1 875136 04 5

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