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Writing Projects: Practical Lessons Based on Classical Methods

by Brian Moon
Student book Year 10+

Writing Projects offers a radical approach to writing instruction. Drawing on the techniques of classical literary training, the series teaches writing through a collection of detailed and practical projects. The core curriculum genres of description, story writing, review, essay, and formal speech are taught using models, demonstrations, guided writing activities and skill-building exercises.

Volume One teaches the basics of stylish writing. It introduces sentences and diction; elements of narrative and theme; and critical uses of assertion, proof and argument. These important skills are taught through projects on epigram, fable, short story and review writing. Volume Two expands upon these skills, teaching description, narrative structure and symbol, argument and persuasion. These concepts are taught through description of place, autobiographical story, the essay, and the formal speech.

Each project offers comprehensive, step-by-step instructions for a complete writing task. Specialised strategies, including dictation, imitations, extensions, and practice exercises, lead students from reading and analysis to original composition.

The content of each project includes:
  • models of effective writing by established authors
  • discussions of use and purpose that put the writing in context
  • practice exercises to teach skills of diction, sentencing and figurative style
  • marking guides to assist assessment and self-assessment
  • quizzes and tests to build knowledge about writers, terms and styles
Whether used as pre-planned lessons for the classroom or as independent study packages, the activities in Writing Projects offer a new and comprehensive treatment of form and style in writing.

Volume One: 128pp ISBN 978-1-875136-29-2. $24.95
Volume Two: 158pp ISBN 978-1-875136-30-8. $24.95

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