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About Chalkface

Chalkface Press specialises in publishing text books for students and teachers in the area of subject English, at secondary and tertiary level. We also import and distribute specialist English textbooks for students, teachers and teacher educators.

The company was formed in 1987 and came onto the market with 12 titles printed in Western Australia under licence from the English and Media Centre in London, UK. Chalkface has since produced over a dozen original titles, and built up an impressive list of import titles.

Most of the titles we have published have been written for students. They address recent theoretical debates and innovative classroom practices in the areas of critical literacy and textual analysis, and take account of current curriculum developments and research. Our authors are all experienced teachers and specialists in their respective fields.

Chalkface books are used in many university Education and Teacher Training faculties as course texts. Several titles are required reading for courses at Britain's Open University and at colleges in the USA. In the UK our 'Chalkface Original' titles have been published by the highly regarded London-based English and Media Centre.

In the USA and Canada our 'original' titles are published by, and can be obtained from, the National Council of Teachers of English [NCTE] in special North American editions. Titles available include, Reading Hamlet, Literary Terms, Studying Literature, Reading Stories, Reading Fictions, Gendered Fictions, Investigating Texts and Studying Poetry. (For NCTE contact details and rights see the page for the relevant title.)

Chalkface Press has developed an Australia-wide customer base in secondary schools, University English and Education faculties as well as selling through trade educational and library suppliers. Australian and New Zealand English Teachers' Associations also promote and distribute our titles to their memberships. We also distribute into New Zealand.

Writing for Chalkface
We would like to hear from those interested in our work and would welcome any ideas for future publications that may suit our list. Please do not send complete manuscripts but make contact with us first by mail, supplying detailed outline summaries and chapter breakdowns.

Distribution and translation rights enquiries may be addressed directly to Chalkface Press or as detailed under 'Availablity' on each book description page.
All 'Chalkface Original' titles are printed in Western Australia.

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