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Viewing Terms: A Practical Glossary for Film and TV Study

by Brian Moon
Student book Year 10+

Viewing Terms is a guide for non-specialists to the complex language and ideas used in the study of film and television texts. Drawing on recent developments in film theory, Viewing Terms places special emphasis on the role of viewing practices in the production of meanings. It explores not only the structure and techniques of film and tv texts but also the social and cultural practices that shape our understanding of them.

The book's 30 major topics and 300-plus terms cover a wide range of theoretical and analytical concepts, including camerawork, film codes, mise en scène, montage, shot, target audience, viewing practices and many more. Concepts are illustrated using stills and montage sequences from Citizen Kane, The Matrix, The Third Man, Witness, The X Files and other classic film and TV texts.

Like its companion volume, Literary Terms, Viewing Terms organises its major entries as mini-lessons that are suitable for whole class study or for individual reference. Each entry has four parts:
  • To get you thinking: a stimulating puzzle or problem which brings the concept into focus;
  • Theory: a substantial explanation and discussion of the concept;
  • Practice: activities that show the concept's application in film and TV analysis;
  • Summary: a final summary that provides a working definition of the concept.
As an added feature, a Quick Reference guide covers a wide range of industry and technical terms - from ADR to zip pan.

Viewing Terms is a must-have resource for teachers and students working with film and television texts.

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224pp ISBN 1 875136 22 3

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